Developing an inspiring social media campaign that would continue to engage the ever-growing fanbase


The Digital Media Management team was incredibly honored to work on the Home Entertainment campaign for Brooklyn, which was nominated for 3 Academy Awards and the recipient of countless other awards and nominations. From January through March 2016, we partnered with Fox Searchlight to develop an inspiring and award-winning themed campaign that created the perfect blend of love and the journey of finding yourself. With these particular themes in mind, DMM crafted the flight with targeted content such as social graphics surrounding the film's award nominations, favorite moments from the film and sharable social videos that would continue to engage the ever-growing fanbase.



With the Brooklyn Home Entertainment campaign, our objective was to capture new audiences and continue engagement amongst established fans, as well as drive sales towards the film’s DHD, Blu-ray & DVD sales. Utilizing the fan favorite moments from the film, we developed social graphics that varied from general and love quotes from the film, press reviews, and countdown reminders, all which encouraged fans to purchase their copy.

One successful graphic series was highlighting the various national and international holidays that related to the film. Examples of these are “National Irish-American Heritage Day,” “Valentine’s Day” and one of the cast member’s birthdays. All graphics were paired with carefully crafted CTA focused copy which had users to interact with the page and fellow fans all over the world. Rounding off the campaign were the “Postcards to Home” social video series, which depicted the progression of Eilis’ life from homesick girl to American woman. These were done to have the user feel connected to Eilis and her journey of creating a new life in America through key scenes from the film that she would have shared with her family back home in Ireland.


Throughout our campaign, we were able to consistently capture our target audiences of fans of award-winning films, romance, and multi-generational fans. Sales are always a key focus, which we obtained top spots for all key sales release dates on platforms such as iTunes and Amazon. From start to finish, Brooklyn was an uplifting and inspirational campaign and we were thrilled to have elevated the film through our various social executions.