Blu-ray Disc Association

Integrating brand sponsorships and tech influencers to promote the platform's superior viewing quality


Blu-ray Disc Association partnered with Digital Media Management to build awareness of and conversation around the platform’s new Ultra HD 4K technology during the holiday shopping season to encourage sales.


DMM identified 4 popular influencers in the tech space to create custom videos incorporating personal, movie-watching experiences and calling out the platform’s superior viewing quality. The videos were posted on their respective Instagram channels, along with a static image of a player and a collection of movies that were provided for a giveaway. The influencers’ followers were encouraged to like the post, tag 3 friends, and include #UltraHDBluRay in the comments for a chance to win the prize. Select BDA members (LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony, Disney, Fox, Warner Bros, Universal) received passive brand integration into the posts as prize sponsors.


Their collective posts yielded more than 5.2M branded impressions and a combination of 1.2M likes, comments, and video views – a very impressive 22% engagement rate! The posts also drove 1,000 qualified entries into the sweepstakes.

5.2 M

1.2 M

Likes, Comments, Video Views