Creating distinct pieces that highlighted key moments in the film that impacted the narrative to engage fans


DMM was excited to position Anna in a prestigious, authentic and elevated way from start to finish. By ensuring that everything we put out had strong reasoning behind it, was carefully thought out and focused on the many positives of what our film had to offer, we did just that and had all eyes on our target.



Our end goal for a successful campaign relied on spotlighting our A-List cast, digging deep into the original screenplay and plot, and carefully selecting back and forth conversation with fans to keep the chatter going.

The A-List Cast

One of our first goals with this campaign was to evoke a sense of excitement for audiences that were familiar with the highly respected talent that was involved in this project. This would be newcomer Sasha Luss’ big debut on the big screen, alongside Helen Mirren, Cillian Murphy and Luke Evans who are all big-time names in Hollywood that have left their mark on all different types of audiences.

This was something we wanted to take advantage of, we created specific character introduction pieces that gave fans a snippet to the importance of each one of their roles in the film.

The Original Screenplay

The story of Anna came with a unique perspective on plot, characters, female empowerment and unexpected twists and turns. We wanted to make sure our audience knew exactly what they were in for without giving away too much.

To do this, we created distinct pieces that highlighted key moments in the film that impacted the narrative. Our ‘Camera Flash’ piece intercuts action scenes with Anna’s modeling cover persona, showing fans that there’s more than meets the eye with her. One of our Minimalist Posters teases the many layers of Anna’s complicated origin story in the body of an ancient Russian Matryoshka doll. ‘Open Door’ shows the many sides of Anna and plays on the theme of, “when one door closes, another opens.” Anna’s long and winding journey to freedom can be seen in our ‘Freedom Reigns’ piece, where fans can clearly see what Anna’s number one priority is throughout the film.

Positive Fan Chatter

Despite the fact that we were under the radar, we noticed that fans we’re still paying attention to us on socials and were intrigued and eager before the film released, leading to then being satisfied and yearning for more after it was released.

We were constantly on the lookout for the positive sentiment from users that we could engage with. Carefully picking out a variety of community management responses, conversing started to flow naturally and we had a blast being a part of it.


Through our established cast, authentic storyline and detailed attention to fans, we were able to make Anna’s social campaign a force to be reckoned with in more ways than one.  We amassed more than 18,628 total followers across all platforms and generated over a total of 31,442,068 video views.

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