A Law & Order Premiere Event Influencer Campaign

NBC made TV history with A Law & Order Premiere Event - the first-ever three-hour crossover between Law & Order, SVU, and Organized Crime. To kick off this major moment in television, DMM partnered with four TikTok entertainment influencers to stoke the fanfare and solidify the franchise’s place in today’s internet landscape.


NBC partnered with Digital Media Management on a bespoke influencer campaign to bring a trend-first approach to promoted content, allowing the custom video to break through and reach new audiences.



To bolster the highly anticipated premiere event, we tapped four digital creators, all of whom have previously created organic Law & Order content. Together we developed concepts that fit in with series they regularly execute on their own handles as well as trending formats that resonate with broad audiences: Barista being interviewed by detectives, homicide and SVU detectives investigating a case, favorite duos from the Law & Order franchise, and the emoji challenge.


The campaign was a huge success on both TikTok and Reels, with countless fans expressing how excited they were to see the content series returning to their favorite creators’ platforms backed by NBC. To amplify impressions, engagements, and views, we used the collab feature on Instagram with influencers, NBC, and Peacock handles. Additionally, we engaged on all content from relevant handles which resulted in responses from the creators themselves and their fans.

Watch A #LawAndOrder Premiere Event TODAY on @nbc and streaming on @peacocktv #ad #detective #svu #stressedoutdetective

Comin’ in hot! A #LawAndOrder Premiere Event THURSDAY on @NBC and streaming on @Peacock TV #ad #nbc #peacocktv


The campaign generated a total of over 74.7K engagements and 840.2K impressions across all influencers’ handles. The average engagement rate was 8.9%, which is more than twice the industry benchmarks for engagement.




Engagement Rate