USA Network Brand Refresh

As USA Network’s Social Agency of Record, DMM strategized and executed a social brand refresh to amplify and build the network’s fandom


USA Network partnered with Digital Media Management as their Social Agency of Record to revamp the social presence of the network to amplify fan engagement, encourage cross-show viewing, and build the following across platforms.



We implemented a robust social media strategy bespoke to each platform and USA programming fandom, increasing posting cadence on the accounts by 75% from the previous year to support and promote the full programming slate of the network. This new cadence was fulfilled by implementing evergreen content that tapped into trending memes, relatable moments from the USA Network slate of shows, and leaning into topical moments which all contributed to impressive growth for the accounts. Extensive custom content was created exclusively for use on the USA Network accounts to drive a unique utility for fans looking to connect with the shows they know and love from the brand. Lastly, ample community management allowed the brand to connect with fans through a fun, relatable, and personalized approach at scale for a unique engagement experience across the social accounts.


Our year-long campaign produced impressive results, including 148K new fans across all platforms, a 374% increase in engagement, 635% increase of impressions and 809% increase of video views over the previous year.


Total Engagements
facebook instagram twitter

facebook instagram twitter

Video views
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