The Good Liar

DMM partners with Warner Bros. for the theatrical release of the cat-and-mouse thriller starring actors Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen.


Digital Media Management was excited to partner with Warner Bros. as their social media agency for the theatrical release of the cat-and-mouse thriller, The Good Liar. Our goal for the social media campaign was to craft creative pieces that brought mystery and intrigue to the social pages, making audiences question who was really lying. We also established a “Team Mirren vs. Team McKellen” dynamic to spark conversation (and friendly competition) among fans.



Our primary objective for The Good Liar’s social media campaign was to convey that this film keeps you guessing until the very end. We wanted to keep the conversation centered around the film’s mystery and drive curiosity to keep our fans on their toes, questioning everything.

We kicked off the social media campaign by leaning heavily into the “read between the lies” tagline. To reinforce this message, we introduced Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen’s characters separately along with each of their character’s possible motives. We experimented stylistically with text placements and spotlighting different words that were important to the film’s plot.

Once the characters were introduced, we encouraged fans to choose a side — Team Mirren or Team McKellen. We wanted to ensure both characters were seen as equals, and tease that there was a twist that wasn’t to be missed!

To tie into the momentum of the characters and the “Team Mirren vs. Team McKellen” aspect, we designed an Instagram grid that viewers could completely immerse themselves in and experience the mystery of the cat and mouse game.

Good Lair Instagram


Overall, we were able to execute a social media campaign that created a heightened sense of mystery amongst audiences, friendly fan competition surrounding “Team Mirren vs. Team McKellen”, and a glance into the cat-and-mouse game that helped drive audiences to the theaters.