JetBlue – Social Media Brand Campaign

Engaging content designed to promote JetBlue’s “HumanKinda” campaign.


JetBlue’s “HumanKinda” campaign was designed to promote healthier living and motivate people to live their lives to the fullest. Tumblr partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) to bring the campaign to life on the platform.



We were challenged to create content to drive awareness towards JetBlue’s “HumanKinda” movement, a campaign that consisted of equal parts social activism and marketing incentive. JetBlue launched their campaign with an original short film, which was segmented into bite-size pieces for ad use. They wanted to pair the film with wholly unique original Tumblr content designed to feel distinct from the larger campaign, yet encapsulate its message. Knowing that the goal was to target young working millennials, our team chose to embrace illustrations and abstract landscapes to make the user yearn for something outside the confines of their cubicle walls. We complemented these pieces with creatives using still photography of traditional work imagery, driving the point that life is more than what their job offers.