Dunkin’ Donuts Brand Social Media Campaign

Bringing Dunkin’ Donuts into the 21st century with bite-size Tumblr content designed to whet any millennial’s appetite.


Digital Media Management (DMM) partnered with Tumblr to create a presence aligned with the brand’s unique voice to create a variety of unique content to stand out in a crowded brands-on-socials landscape.



The Dunkin’ brand holds an enormous amount of weight—for years we’ve had the slogan “America runs on Dunkin’” ingrained in our collective consciousness. When the company decided to launch on Tumblr, they wanted to make sure the content and account maintained the integrity of the brand and the authenticity of its unique voice. Our team performed an audit on the most popular content pieces on Tumblr – typography, 8-bit, “foodporn,” etc. – and used that information to inform our content paths. We held a series of in-studio shoots with the donuts (great for our content, bad for our waistlines), and used those assets both to compliment and to feature in our custom creatives. With a variety of content that tapped into a variety of interest avenues, we were able to guarantee that Tumblr, as well as America, runs on Dunkin’.