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The Hangover 3 Social Media Campaign

The wolf pack’s back, but this time... Alan has a personal Tumblr.

Digital Media Management had the distinct honor of being the social media agency for the final film in Warner Bros. and Todd Philip’s epic The Hangover trilogy. This was an intense, interactive social media campaign that required our crackerjack theatrical team firing on all cylinders to develop an innovative social media marketing strategy.

In order to dig deep into The Hangover Part III’s social media campaign, we decided to take a step back. We analyzed what exactly made these films successful, and why they have experienced such cultural longevity. The answer was the quirkiness of the world, its characters, and the relationships between those characters. Our goal then was to bring all of that – the emotions, the humor, the tone – to the social media space, wrap it in a giraffe-patterned bow, and release it on the unsuspecting public.

Our strategy involved creating engaging content for the film's social media pages, as well as design, build and manage an "in-world" Tumblr for one of the film's most loved and hilarious characters, Alan. The first element led to the creation of countdown images using official assets, .GIFs, and “Alanisms,” which were graphics highlighting the quirkiness of Zach Galifianakis’ Alan Garner character. The third, and arguably most crucial aspect of our social media marketing was designing the “in-world” initiative, and after many hours of brainstorming and design, "Alan's Facebook" was created as the personal Tumblr as if Alan himself had created it... oh yeah, he did!

We built Alan’s page from the ground up, capturing his uniquely childish, yet slightly profound, voice and tone. Being that Tumblr is an image-based format, we created wholly original content, utilizing every format from Photoshop to paper and crayons. The final product proved to be an enormous success, with fan engagement through the roof. The final cherry on top of Alan’s Facebook Tumblr was the “Howl At Me” feature, which allowed fans to ask the character a question and receive a goofy, unexpected answer. Our images and .GIFs across platforms were unbelievably popular, and fans gobbled up every last ounce.

The Hangover Part III presented an interesting challenge, as we had to totally immerse ourselves in the world of the film and its characters, in effect becoming Alan. The result was something truly special, something the fans could proudly consider themselves part of. From our still images to our .GIFs to the hand-drawn letters and giraffe drawings, The Hangover Part III was one for the record books.

We’re all part of Alan’s wolf pack now.

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