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We’re The Millers Social Media Campaign

August is the bookend of the summer movie season. The studios have released their giant tent poles throughout May, June, and July, and some releases found their footing and stood above the box office competition. We're The Miller's is one such film, that finished off the summer season with a bang!

Thanks in part to Digital Media Management’s excellent social media campaign, Warner Bros. Pictures’ We’re The Millers hit dead center, becoming the highest-grossing August release R-rated comedy in US box office history with a domestic gross of over $131 million (and climbing). Our strategy was simple: embrace the comedy. Rather than keep the marketing strategy more subdued, we fully engrossed ourselves in all the hilarious possibilities – no matter how extreme – that the premise of the film offered. The result was a series of initiatives wholly unique to the film, ranging from “Road Trip Bingo” to “Millers Safety Tips” to “How to Be a Miller.” Our team used multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr) to reach the broadest spectrum of followers in the social marketplace.

From the moment we started working on the project, our goals and technique was clear: do everything we could to transport fans into the sidesplitting world of We’re the Millers. By creating “in world” images and strategies, we opened the doors to users across the Internet, allowing them to actively participate in the campaign, resulting in an experience that created further interest in the film itself.

Though truthfully, Jennifer Aniston doing a striptease certainly didn’t hurt...

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